MridYog's approach to the preparation of the physical body is similar to Hatha Yoga's: the practitioner starts with the traditional static asanas and breathing exercises. However, MridYog is not limited to these static asanas, and contains a set of dynamic exercises, some of which can be found in martial arts.

The conditioning of the body is essential for a healthier life. The 108 karanas, or key transitional movements that were revealed to many sages, e.g. Pathanjali and Vyagrapada, punctuate a full-fledged Natya recital, helps the dancer's body.

MridYog is a series of slow, continuous and graceful movements inspired by the Five Great Elements as manifested through the movement and energy of the chakras. The movements, when learned and practiced, increase and transform one's life-force energy into greater inner power. By directing the life-force energy with the mind, students learn to effectively utilize internal energy, and to transform outside influences towards one's advantage.


The class begins with a 15 minute session of Yoga stretches and warm-ups, starting with breathing revitalizing the body, steadying the emotions and creating clarity of the mind, by various asanas (postures) toning muscles and maintaining elasticity of the spine - improving posture and increasing vitality

Cardio/Work out

MridYog technique enables us to break through in an expanded awareness, dissolving obstacles, physical discord and disease, movingtoward a feeling of divine unity.
The second 30-minutes is devoted to Bharatanatyam. The various gestures (Mudras) and movements are taken from a variety of Bharatanatyam adavus or steps.


One of the greatest aspects of dance especially, Bharatnatyam, is its ability in controlling the mind. Single-minded contemplation is acquired, amidst continuous series of action with the feet keeping up with the time, hands expressing gestures, eyes coordinating with the hands, ears listening to the music, all in a spontaneous co-ordination. This brings about harmony in the most natural way. While engaged in it, the dancer experiences spiritual freedom, the ultimate freedom, while transforming the whole practice into a beautiful rendering

  • No previous experience required.
  • Incorporates classical Bharatanatyam steps along with Yoga for a wholistic workout.