Krishnam Vande Jagad Gurum

Krishnam Vande Jagat Gurum  

Making of Krishnam Vande Jagat Gurum

Phoenix, Arizona practice- Our first brainstorming session...KVJG is taking shape.A few new ideas,new costumes and deciding everyone's role.Some of us who couldnt make it pitch in through the phone!

Columbus, Ohio practice-Our first practice session...KVJG is new to a few members in the group but I feel like I have danced it all my life.Excellent Choreography and scintillating music...what more can a dancer ask for?

Houston, Texas practice-Our second practice....things seem to fall into place with everyone almost being where they should be! My son Amrith joins us for 3 days of music,dancing,talking and sharing.

Final tour dates-This is it!!

Date Time Address
August 17-Houston,TX 07.00PM Meenakshi Temple Auditorium,17130 McLean Rd, Pearland, TX
All of us managed to have a final practice before our program.Had a nice time trying to shift around the props on stage which included 2 potted plants,a papertowel roll and 2 lamps full of oil!A little nervous before our very first show,we hurriedly put on our makeup and did a quick practice on stage.An interesting highlight was the incident in rukmini krishna part which cannot be disclosed at this particular time!Once we were done,we rushed back for a nights rest and an early morning start to Austin.
August 18-Austin,TX 05.00PM Akins High School Auditorium, 10701 S.First street, Austin, TX 78748
After an early morning frenzy to get the car loaded along with the people,we set off to austin with packed idlis.The ride to Austin was interesting to say the least.After a quick break for breakfast and walking around to stretch our legs,we reached austin in time for lunch.Back to makeup and getting ready.The audi was impressive and the organisers, co-operative.The show went on very well and this time I actually had time to change into Andal!The only issue was not being able to hear the music clearly on stage but the lights were great and so was the audience!A looong drive back to Houston with a quick stop to buy a bucket of Strawberry shake:))

August 25-San Diego,CA - Neurosciences Institute, 10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive, SD, CA 92121
Leaving Pittsburgh in the weehours of the morning to catch a loong flight to SD seemed worthwhile as SD was breathtaking.After a brief yet fruitless contemplation on whether to make a small deviation to Sea world,we had a quick lunch at Aler's house.After makeup,we headed to the audi in the Neuroscience institute to find the doors locked!Finally after a quick settling down,we checked out the stage and gave instructions to turn off the lights after Raas.The stage curved which made orientation a bit tricky.A broomstick came in handy for the 'theraiseelai' and we had a quick interveiw with an India Abroad reporter.After the program,we piled into different cars to make it to Irvine.

August 26-Los Angeles,CA 04.00PM Hindu Temple of Southern California (Malibu) Auditorium
Address: 1600 Las Virgenes Canyon Road,Calabasas, CA 91302. Tel : (818) 880-5552
What can one say about Malibu?Surprisingly it was dry and hot and not that beautiful on our drive from Athreya's house to the Malibu temple some 2 hours away.The temple wasnt ready for a whole bunch of dancers and we had to move our rooms thanks to a pretty obstinate Bhagavad gita class.Tired and hungry,we were most thankful for the lunch brought by the Ramprasad's and we were ready for our program.We started almost an hour late and the music skipped right into our first entry onto stage.Quickly transferring from CD to Tape,we continued the dance and then managed to use the CD for the second half of the show.Dinner was whatever was left over at the temple canteen and we had some fun and met some interesting people not to say the least about 'Kramer'!

September 14-Phoenix,AZ 07.00PM Main Stage, Chandler Center for the Arts, 250 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, Arizona 85225
The trips are as interesting as the event itself!Planned to leave for PHX on Sep13th night and made a mad rush to the airport with Vikram as I had left late from work.After some nailbiting and rushing through traffic,the flight was cancelled:( Poor vikram had to drive back 2 hrs to pick me up.Next day morning was no better.Left home at an unearthly 4am,drove to the airport,filled gas,parked car and caught the flight to Atlanta.Of course in Atlanta,we were made to sit on the tarmac for an hr. as there was an engine oil leak.Finally got to PHX half dead!Had to start pretty soon as the Audi was a good 45min drive from our place.

September 22-Pittsburgh,PA 06.30PM Rangos Auditorium,Carnegie Mellon University Centre, 5032 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, (412)-268-2107
Yey Pittsburgh!Everyone's turn to come to Pitt.Preethi,Srimathy and Sushma come in on friday and everyone meets up next day.On preethi's request-She not only managed to arrive 30mins early,wait near the GATE and not come out.She then proceeded quite adroitly to crash my computer and make my printer print 15 empty sheets!A quick practice and lunch next morning.I make a ton of food in sheer excitement!We start dressing soon and Nalini and Vijay get caught in traffic and arrive at 2.30pm.We rush to the hall.A small delay thanks to one of the cds not working.So poor Anand rushes back home to get the backup cds.We start after that and the program goes off very well.After dinner at the Venue,we all head home.Change of clothes and everyone starts talking about random things with Vijay popping up regularly from behind the sofa:))Everyone leaves on sunday while I rush to the temple for more committee work.

September 29-Columbus,OH Organizer: SILAMBAM The Abbey Theater in the Dublin Recreation Center, 5600 Post Road, Dublin, OH 43017
Our last show!!Seems like we all just got together and now its time to say our goodbyes!Its emotional,its close to our hearts and we try hard to concentrate on our show.I bring enough backup cds to last a lifetime!The audio seemed to have some problem in the beginning and eventually we start the show knowing its the last time we will hurriedly change for Raas:(( After the show as a pleasant surprise,we hear Sudharani Raghupathy's message to all of us about the show,our efforts and her memories of it!
Three cheers for the Silambam Dance Company!!!

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